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bullet-point VeroMetal® – A new trend in shop fitting

Shop fitters permanently search for innovative and exclusive materials for their designs. Recently, numerous designers discovered and started using the metallic coatings of VeroMetal®, applying them for the interior designs of renowned shops such as:

The KaDeWe shopping centre in Berlin, where the furniture in the fashion zone is covered with VeroMetal® Brass and is patinated in black. An additional and special grinding gives it an industrial and classy look. VeroMetal® Brass is one of the favoured alloys in the shop fitting business, since it is very versatile in its finishes.

The Arqueonatuas shop, whose company logo and some of their furniture were coated with VeroMetal® Brass and were polished after that. Since the surfaces were not sealed afterwards, the natural patina gives the objects an individual look that represents the company’s adventurous character.

Meissen, the renowned German chinaware manufacturer also treated the entrance and some further elements of their shop with VeroMetal® Brass. This time, the surface was highly polished and the created finish looks very precious and meets the high quality standards that the Meissen company has provided their customers with for more than 300 years, now.

Also, the Tommy Hilfiger shop in the Düsseldorf Königsallee was designed with elements coated in VeroMetal®.

The Whisky Shop in Piccadilly, London has been furnished with a bar counter in VeroMetal® Copper. It was highly polished and sealed so that the metal does not keep on reacting with the oxygen in the air. The combination of indirect ambient lighting and the high-grade metal reflects not only the quality, but also the colour of the valuable Whisky offered in this shop.

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